I am number four!



Today, all thirty-two of the confirmed entrants for PiWars 2015 were announced. I am in fact, competitor number four. This is amazing news and I am so excited to get started.

Okay, so I intend to enter all of the challenges with my robot, The Piwagen. You may ask how I chose the name. My robot will use the motor controller board from Ryanteck along with their motors as well. The motors will use four AA batteries to supply 6V. The Pi will be powered by a 2600mAh  battery pack. The chassis will be made out of plywood, which will be laser cut to precision and etched to make it look like a Volkswagen camper van, hence the name. I intend to adapt the sensors to tailor the bot to each challenge. The controller will be a simple wireless, Bluetooth keyboard.

Well, those are the plans for now. I hope you join me for the rest of my adventures building up to December!



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